Club Leadership

David Cohen-Tanugi
David Cohen-TanugiPresident
David Cohen-Tanugi is a Ph.D. candidate in materials science & engineering at MIT. His research focuses on clean water technology using computational modeling. He is especially interested in the international aspects of clean tech development, the water-energy nexus, and the interplay between energy production and local environmental concerns. Prior to joining MIT, David served as the China-US climate and energy policy liaison for NRDC, an environmental organization in Washington, DC. He holds a B.A., magna cum laude, in Physics from Princeton University and an M.A. in Materials Science & Engineering from MIT.
Leonardo Banchik
Leonardo BanchikVice President
Leo Banchik is a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. He aims  to improve the standard of living for people worldwide by helping to provide clean water and energy in a sustainable manner.
Simon Choong
Simon ChoongStrategic Advisor
I am a Ph.D. candidate in Chemical Engineering Department working on developing the next generation reverse osmosis membrane. Coming from Malaysia, I realize that clean water is not as accessible there compared to US, and the water pollution is a major issue. This drives me to look for ways on how we can deliver clean water solutions to developing countries. I am also interested in entrepreneurship and hope to start a water company in near future.
Neha Mehta
Neha MehtaVP of Industry / Academic Liaison
Neha is a graduate student in Technology and Policy Program at MIT and currently pursuing research in the field of wastewater treatment in oil and gas industry. Prior joining MIT, she completed her master’s at University of California Berkeley in Chemical Engineering. Later she joined a California start-up developing membrane system for water purification. At MIT, she has been actively involved in organizing panels and lecture series related to water research and energy. She is also founder of MIT start-up Samperk, which aims to provide clean drinking water in rural India.  
Horacio Caperan
Horacio CaperanCo-Director, Sponsorship & Finance
Horacio is an experienced executive focusing on strategic partnering and product commercialization in the water, energy and life sciences sectors globally. He is the Managing Partner at Fusionview LLC, working  with people and organizations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, from Fortune 500 corporations and government/non-profit, to small and startup organizations. His experience includes finance, branding/marketing, international and government affairs. Horacio earned a MBA from MIT, a M.Sc. in Biology/Biotechnology from Tufts University, and a fellowship from Boston University and the New England Clean Energy Council on leading clean energy ventures. A US Citizen, he is originally from Chile and lives with his wife and daughters in the Boston area.
Himani Gupta
Himani GuptaDirector, MIT Water Night 2014
Himani is a Master’s Student in Civil & Environmental Engineering at MIT. Her project  looks at different low cost community-scale (i.e. farmer coop community) wastewater treatment schemes along with institutional incentives for treating wastewater before use. She is a Fellow with the Tata Center for Technology & Design.
Xiaoyuan (Charlene) Ren
Xiaoyuan (Charlene) RenDirector of Marketing
Charlene is an Environmental Engineering Master’s student working on wastewater treatment technologies for small-scale pulp and paper mills in India, focusing specifically on a scalable solution to lignin removal for black liquor. She loves water in all of its shape and form, and works to offer clean water solutions to developing communities.
Alexis Fischer
Alexis FischerCo-Director, Sponsorship & Finance
Alexis Fischer is a Ph.D. candidate in Biological Oceanography in the MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program. Her research focuses on harmful algal blooms (“red tides”) , and in particular how warming temperatures will affect the timing and intensity of blooms. She is interested in entrepreneurship and finding solutions to problems at the intersection of public health and water resource management.

Past Officers

Cinthya Avalos Melendez
Cinthya Avalos MelendezVP of Marketing (2012-13)
Anne-Flore Elard
Anne-Flore ElardVP of Finance and Sponsorship (2012)